Knowledge and experience in mutual exchange

Architecture and the associated tasks are becoming more complex and are changing rapidly. In this environment, partners are needed who have the openness to empathise with a specific situation and make projects easier. This is what we have specialised in.

Clients benefit from our ability to resolve complexities, recognise key success factors and implement projects in a structured and efficient manner. To this end, we share all our architectural knowledge, all our organisational expertise and, where necessary, draw on external knowledge. Regardless of the size or nature of the task.

Our Organisational structure

The projects, our customers and our employees are at the centre of our organisational structure. The Project Circle manages the projects and supports the teams at project level, while the Corporate Circle fulfils its tasks together with its team in terms of administrative project management and operations. Both levels overlap, share their knowledge and experience and thus ensure a smooth business and project process.

Achieving success together

Of course there are generalists at Blaser Architekten as well as people with a distinct talent. Those with a flair for architecture and technical drawings or others whose passion is project planning and figures. But only by working together with our clients and the many partners in the construction industry can we be the top team that is needed for a successful project today.

Apprentice 2nd year
Project lead, Freelancer
Site manager
Project lead, Member Project Circle
Projectmanager Office ZH
Leader PQM, Member Project Circle
Senior architect
Senior architect, Project lead
Site manager, Fire protection specialist, SiBe

We are looking for you

If you are ready to use your talents with us to realise successful customer projects, get in touch with us. We look forward to hear from you.


A history that has been characterised by openness, versatility and commitment from day one

Blaser Architekten's journey began with a single table. It stood in the office of Christian W. Blaser's father. Werner Blaser lived out his passion for architecture primarily in books, which made him widely known in the industry. Christian W.'s activities soon called for reinforcements and so the Blaser+Morath Architecture and Design office was founded 30 years ago. Together with business partner Harry Morath, Christian W. was able to lay the foundations for a solid architectural practice. In the years that followed, the modest office developed into an impressive company and from then on traded under the name Blaser Architekten AG. Since 1993, over a thousand small, medium-sized and large projects have been completed, to which the Blaser Architekten team has contributed its knowledge, expertise and passion for spaces that are both functional and aesthetic. And the journey of Blaser Architekten is enriched by many experiences every day.


We regularly share our experience with architects from all over the world, helping them realize their projects, by providing our expertise as the local architects.

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