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How the monetary system determines architecture
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What to do with Covid-19

What influence do we have on the emergence of pandemics and what influence do pandemics and their conditions have on our future and our spaces?


How we work

What and how and in which rooms will we be working in twenty years' time?


Design and use of public spaces

Who owns public space? Who designs it and who uses it? Where does public responsibility for safety, service and maintenance end and where does the user's responsibility begin?


Influence of digitalization on the city, space and people

What will the city, space and life of the digital future look like? How will we live there and what opportunities and dangers does the digitalization of our world hold?


The smell of architecture

Scents and smells have the potential to evoke emotions, awaken memories and facilitate orientation. Whether natural or artificially produced, they all have an immediate and direct effect on the brain. They stimulate our behavior and our perception.

Flüchtiges Zuhause

Temporary rooms

How does temporary architecture differ from permanent architecture? What does it have to do with mobility and flexibility? How do we want, should and must we organize ourselves spatially in order to integrate people in need of space in Europe, Switzerland and the Basel region? Are there alternatives to temporary forms of construction?

KlangRaum – RaumKlang

Auditory spatial and material perception

Spatial and material sound have great potential in urban/rural development and design, architecture and the choice of materials. The city and the space, and therefore also the material and the sound, are becoming denser due to population growth.


Libraries as knowledge spaces - a new start

The concept of the library is changing, as are the social practices of reading, writing, knowledge production and communication. Between digital and physical space, however, the construction of libraries is experiencing a new heyday. A paradox and an anachronism?

RaumBildung – BildungsRaum

Shaping learning and living spaces for the future together

School buildings with their indoor and outdoor spaces are fundamentally important for everyday life and education. They influence learning and teaching.