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When sharing your project and imaginations with us and our expertise, great spaces for living, working or evolving will arise.

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Building with Blaser

What clients can expect from us

Architectural tasks are becoming more complex and are changing rapidly. Clients need a partner who can empathise with the situation and make projects simpler. This is the speciality of Blaser Architekten. We share our architectural and organisational expertise and draw on external knowledge. Always with the aim of resolving complexity, recognising key success factors and implementing projects in a structured and efficient manner. Regardless of the size and nature of the task.


How clients work with us

No two projects are exactly the same. And it is always the little things that ultimately determine the success of a project. For this reason, you decide in which role and to what extent you want to benefit from Blaser Architekten.

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  • Project development
  • Concept and design
  • Project planning
  • Authority engineering
  • Execution planning
  • Construction management
  • Relocation and logistics
  • Consultancy
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Don't hesitate reaching out to us. There's barely a builing related task we can't help you with.


Those who rely on our expertise

A project's success depends on how well all involved stakeholders collaborate. That’s why our references are also a track record for all clients, specialists, planners and craftsmen we work with.

Communication zone with wooden seating

Bright Peak Thera­­peutics

Installation of laboratory and office space for the young biotechnology company Bright Peak Therarpeutics on the Main Campus in Allschwil.

old flat with wooden floor

Claragraben flat

Gentle refurbishment of an old flat with access to the courtyard garden.

State-of-the-art operating unit for training purposes

Training center Medartis

Installation of state-of-the-art operating units as well as open office space and meeting zones for the International Bone Research Association (IBRA)

Work table with children's toys

Front and rear building Austrasse 32

Remodelling of a former workshop building in the rear courtyard and usable space in the front building for Heime Auf Berg AG.

Integration of a company specialising in biopharmaceuticals into the Main Campus.

T3 Pharmaceuticals

Integration of a company specialising in biopharmaceuticals into the Main Campus.

A modern office interior, bright, with wood, which offers space for concentrated work alone or meetings in different group sizes.

SIP Switzerland Innovation Park

A modern office interior, bright, with wood, which offers space for concentrated work alone or meetings in different group sizes.

Conversion of a listed building with residential use on the ground floor.

Neubad residential and office building

Conversion of a listed building with residential use on the ground floor.

Installation of a highly sensitive B laboratory for a major healthcare company in Basel.

Biosafety Facility

Installation of a highly sensitive B laboratory for a major healthcare company in Basel.

The success of the competition in collaboration with Grafon Architects from Ireland has laid the foundation stone for the future university quarter.

Dreispitz university quarter study contract

The success of the competition in collaboration with Grafon Architects from Ireland has laid the foundation stone for the future university quarter.

The first publicly accessible building on the Novartis Campus.

Novartis Campus WSJ-189 Pavillon

The first publicly accessible building on the Novartis Campus.

The highest honour for a building is the well-being of its users

We were impressed by the combination of functionality and aesthetics in the work of Blaser Architekten. The architects managed to design our laboratories and offices in such a way that they both fulfil the highest functional requirements and offer a pleasant working environment in which we feel comfortable. They understood our wishes and ideas, brought them together with their experience and realised a solution that was optimal for us. The team was always approachable and flexible in the realisation of our project.

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Simon Ittig
Simon Ittig
CEO T3 Pharmaceuticals

We have maintained a close and cooperative relationship with Blaser Architekten for almost two decades. In their role as architects and general planners, they played a key role in facilitating our smooth relocation to the Stücki Science Park building, which they constructed in 2008. Medartis not only has its headquarters in Kleinhüningen, where the development and marketing of new products takes centre stage, but millions of high-precision medical implants are also manufactured in this building complex every year. During this time, we have continuously invested in automation and in recent years have set up a modern training centre and a pure room. The Blaser Architekten team has always worked with great commitment and in-depth expertise to develop these and other customised solutions for our requirements.

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Willi Miesch
Willi Miesch
Member of the Board of Directors, Chairman of the Strategy and Innovation Committee and former CEO of Medartis

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Are you planning a commercial or private conversion, renovation or new building? Are you unsure how to proceed or what you need to pay particular attention to? Blaser Architekten will support you in all your questions without obligation.


Who you can count on

How many and which employees work with you on your construction project depends solely on what you have in mind. In any case, we will put together a team for you in such a way that all talents and competences are optimally represented in a solution-oriented manner. The project always takes centre stage.


The foundation, you can build on

Sharing Experience is the promise of Blaser Architekten. This means that clients, architects, partners and employees share in the accumulated expertise and the numerous talents at Blaser Architekten in the design, planning and realisation of projects. In return, they allow Blaser Architekten to share their expertise. Beyond the traditional architecture business, the entire industry and the public benefit from Blaser Architekten's commitment to far-sighted architectural communication.

Schauraum B

Share and experience inspiration

Sharing knowledge, experiences, insights and emotions - Schauraum B makes all this possible. To this end, the non-profit organisation run by Blaser Architekten regularly invites interested members of the public to exhibitions, installations and events on the themes of architecture, space and time.



Digitale Transformation in der Baubranche

Auch wir bei Blaser Architekten befinden uns mitten in der digitalen Transformation aller Geschäftsabläufe und können von uns behaupten, dass wir bereits vieles umgesetzt haben. Die Digitalisierung ist aber kein Sprint, auch kein Marathon – viel mehr ein Weg, den wir nicht mehr verlassen werden. Laufend werden neue Tools entwickelt, KI wartet in immer kürzer zu werden scheinenden Intervallen mit neuen Möglichkeiten auf. Das bedeutet, dass wir die digitale Transformation nicht als Prozess verstehen, der nun bald abgeschlossen sein wird, sondern als selbstverständlich gewordener Teil unserer täglichen Aufgaben. Deswegen ist es uns wichtig, diesen Weg aufmerksam zu gehen, was heute möglich ist zu implementieren, aber auch neue Entwicklungen nicht zu verschlafen. Einer unserer Mitarbeitenden ist in diesem Thema besonders zuhause und legt sich dafür ins Zeug. Zamri Thüring ist Student des Master-Studiengangs in Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) an der FHNW und arbeitet bei Blaser Architekten in der Qualitätssicherung für Computer Aided Design (CAD, QS). In diesem Blogbeitrag teilt er seine Erfahrungen und Einsichten.


The reorganisation of the hundertpunkt restaurant in Spenglerpark is in full swing. Katrin Belz from our team is revitalising the restaurant space by enlarging the seating area, using a folding sliding wall to keep it flexible (space for separate events), and replacing or refreshing the floor, lighting and wall colours: we are taking numerous other smaller and larger measures to ensure that hundertpunkt is up-to-date again, e.g. by optimising the acoustics, improving the checkout situation to optimise the flow of people or creating a lounge area by the coffee counter. We look forward to the restaurant shining in new splendour and will keep you up to date.

After 30 years, the longterm tenant moved into a retirement apartment so that we were able to renovate the beautiful old apartment with courtyard garden. Walls, floors, ceiling, bathroom and balcony as well as the electrical, plumbing and heating installations were renewed. We dismantled the good old Foster steel kitchen, let it spray paint, equipped it with new appliances and thus made it fit the re-use way for the next 20 years. The new tenant is delighted to live in the original old apartment with contemporary interior design and we are pleased to have sustainably renovated this charming apartment. We are always proud that we have kept the ability to plan and implement small, medium and large projects in our office with equal dedication, quality and expertise. The wide variety of project sizes is one of the peculiarities of Blaser Architects.

Spacious rental apartments are being built on Paradiesstrasse in Binningen. For this purpose, construction began, which was coordinated with the wait for a slot from the geothermal probe drilling companies booked out throughout Switzerland. It can be annoying that the drilling company still did not start, but in this case we have to give in, there is high demand... Our construction manager Yanick Weiss will fix it again so that the planned move-in date of spring 2025 can be met.

On the first Friday in December, we visited Belli's Christmas Variety Show in Roggwil, BE, with our entire team to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Blaser Architekten one last time as part of our Christmas party. We were spoilt with culinary delights and were enchanted by the fascinating artistry in a Christmassy atmosphere. It was an unforgettable show with hospitality and variety art at the highest level: barely a minute passed between an artistic interlude on stage and the next course served by the performers. A total work of art that was a joy to watch...

Brisoft AG advises, designs, plans and builds specific logistics solutions for customers from industry and trade. They have existed for over 25 years and their offices and working spaces on Schäferweg became too small.

As general planner, Blaser Architekten planned and installed the new Brisoft facilities at a new home on Hochbergerstrasse in Basel. In November, Brisoft was able to start operations in spacious rooms, with the promised quality, on budget and on time. We wish Brisoft continued success at their new location and are pleased to have created improved space and business conditions for them.

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