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Die Umstrukturierung des Restaurants hundertpunkt im Spenglerpark läuft auf Hochtouren. Katrin Belz aus unserem Team kümmert sich um die Revitalisierung der Gastrofläche durch Vergrösserung des Sitzbereichs, mittels Faltschiebewand bleibt man flexibel (Platz für separate Veranstaltungen), zudem werden Boden, Beleuchtung und Wandfarben ersetzt bzw. aufgefrischt: Zahlreiche weitere kleinere und grössere Massnahmen ergreifen wir, damit hundertpunkt wieder up-to-date ist, z.B. mittels Optimierung der Akustik, Verbesserung der Kassensituation zur Optimierung des Personenflusses oder auch mittels Schaffen eines Loungebereichs bei der Kaffeetheke. Wir freuen uns darauf, wenn das Restaurant in neuem Glanz erstrahlen wird und halten euch auf dem Laufenden.

After 30 years, the longterm tenant moved into a retirement apartment so that we were able to renovate the beautiful old apartment with courtyard garden. Walls, floors, ceiling, bathroom and balcony as well as the electrical, plumbing and heating installations were renewed. We dismantled the good old Foster steel kitchen, let it spray paint, equipped it with new appliances and thus made it fit the re-use way for the next 20 years. The new tenant is delighted to live in the original old apartment with contemporary interior design and we are pleased to have sustainably renovated this charming apartment. We are always proud that we have kept the ability to plan and implement small, medium and large projects in our office with equal dedication, quality and expertise. The wide variety of project sizes is one of the peculiarities of Blaser Architects.

Spacious rental apartments are being built on Paradiesstrasse in Binningen. For this purpose, construction began, which was coordinated with the wait for a slot from the geothermal probe drilling companies booked out throughout Switzerland. It can be annoying that the drilling company still did not start, but in this case we have to give in, there is high demand... Our construction manager Yanick Weiss will fix it again so that the planned move-in date of spring 2025 can be met.

On the first Friday in December, we visited Belli's Christmas Variety Show in Roggwil, BE, with our entire team to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Blaser Architekten one last time as part of our Christmas party. We were spoilt with culinary delights and were enchanted by the fascinating artistry in a Christmassy atmosphere. It was an unforgettable show with hospitality and variety art at the highest level: barely a minute passed between an artistic interlude on stage and the next course served by the performers. A total work of art that was a joy to watch...

Brisoft AG advises, designs, plans and builds specific logistics solutions for customers from industry and trade. They have existed for over 25 years and their offices and working spaces on Schäferweg became too small.

As general planner, Blaser Architekten planned and installed the new Brisoft facilities at a new home on Hochbergerstrasse in Basel. In November, Brisoft was able to start operations in spacious rooms, with the promised quality, on budget and on time. We wish Brisoft continued success at their new location and are pleased to have created improved space and business conditions for them.

On November 9, 11 smart kids immersed themselves in the work of our office. We showed them how ideas and sketches become plans on the computer and, of course, we also wanted to know: What would their dream house look like? The dedicated young architects and draftsboys and -girls have developed truley great ideas. We were impressed by the creative solutions, persistence and talent for drawing! Strengthened after a pizza lunch, we visited a construction site in the afternoon, where we showed the kids what to pay attention to when managing and survying the construction. And finally, a bit of virtual reality was also a must.

Thank you for your interest, kids! We hope you had fun and, above all, learned something. Stay curious! Thanks also to our intern Emily Stewart and our apprentice Cyril Kobler for accompanying the young people with great commitment and enthusiasm. We are already looking forward to seeing curious children next year!

This year we are celebrating our 30th anniversary. We have taken the prospect of this company anniversary as an opportunity to make our organisational structure fit for the future. On the other hand, we have used this upcoming milestone to review our internal and external communication. For this project, we relied on the knowledge and expertise of the Basel-based creative agency Yellow, sharpened our self-image and became aware of our company's values and attitude. This was an intensive and moving process. On this basis - our corporate identity - the designers at Yellow created a new brand with the corresponding visual identity, defined the tonality of our appearance and redesigned all communication media from the website to the business card. We believe that Blaser Architekten has thus received a wonderful anniversary gift. How do you see it?

Project team: Christian W. Blaser, Claudia Britt, Annina Fischer, Jasmin Fringeli and Sebastian Hoffmann‍

For the school year starting in August 2023, the Health Education Campus opened its doors in the newly renovated and modernly equipped Spenglerpark in Münchenstein. As general planners for this major project, we were delighted with the very successful, beautiful opening ceremony on 8 September for the four educational institutions based there! We were not only responsible as general planners for the entire project and architects for the conversion of buildings B and C, but also orchestrated the fit-out, furnishing, relocation, IT and security and were responsible for the entire equipment of the 'Campus Bildung Gesundheit'. We were also responsible for moving around 3,000 students and teachers from the temporary facilities we had converted in the Klybeck area back to the new Health Education Campus and ensuring that the premises were operational after the summer holidays. It was all a challenging but fantastic and very rewarding task for us!

PROJECT PARTICIPANTS Client: Credit Suisse Anlagestiftung Real Estate Switzerland, Sven Walter, Thomas Brandenberger; Client representative: Stockar+Partner AG, Christian Fontius; Total contractor House A: Losinger Marazzi SA, House B/C: Integral Baumanagement AG; Architect House A: Lorenz Architekten; Architect House B/C: Blaser Architekten AG

Our project team: Katrin Belz, Christian W. Blaser, Daniel Eggenberger, Simon Herren, Tanja Köhler, Dominik Morgenthaler, lisa oregioni, Stefan Paerschke, Eladio Paniagua, Claude Walliser, Christina Wicki-Wyss, Adam Żabiński.

The renovation of four properties on Bäumlihofstrasse in Basel will be in full swing in summer 2023. The flats will be completely renovated, some rooms will be rearranged, walls will be moved, new pipes will be laid, sufficient bicycle parking spaces will be created in the basements and roofs will be raised to create additional living space.



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