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Every project has its own specific requirements, and every client has individual expectations and needs. You can expect optimal support from us to the exact extent and in the areas that serve you and your project. You define in what form and to what extent you would like to rely on our expertise.

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Those who rely on our expertise

The success of a project depends on how well all the partners involved work together. That is why our references are also a proof of performance for all clients, specialists, specialist planners and craftsmen who have supported us in the realisation of the building project.

Neue Büroräume mit Blick aus dem Fenster auf die Basler Altstadt

Commercial building Spalenberg 65

Staged conversion of a commercial building in the historic centre of Basel for use by the University of Basel.

Insight into the court situation

Extension Stücki Park

Extension of the office and research buildings by four equestrian buildings in Stücki Park Basel.

Interior view with bar and lounge area

Restaurant hundertpunkt

Revitalisation of the catering space of the hundertpunkt restaurant in Spenglerpark Münchenstein.

Communication zone with wooden seating

Bright Peak Thera­­peutics

Installation of laboratory and office space for the young biotechnology company Bright Peak Therarpeutics on the Main Campus in Allschwil.

View from the entrance zone into the cafeteria


Installation of new office space for Brisoft AG.

Staircase from top to bottom

Lonza AG in the SP extension buildings

Installation of offices and laboratories for Lonza AG in the extension buildings in Stücki Park Basel.

old flat with wooden floor

Claragraben flat

Gentle refurbishment of an old flat with access to the courtyard garden.

View from the atrium through the glass to the floors of the building

Campus Bildung Gesundheit

Refurbishment and equipping of the Campus Bildung Gesundheit at Spenglerpark in Münchenstein.

Der Lichthof

Spenglerpark Münchenstein

Orchestration and realisation of various measures in the overall complex of the Spenglerpark Münchenstein.

State-of-the-art operating unit for training purposes

Training center Medartis

Installation of state-of-the-art operating units as well as open office space and meeting zones for the International Bone Research Association (IBRA)