Flüchtiges Zuhause Nr.3

From emergency to architecture - Architektur über die Not hinweg

Date: 20.04.2016/18- o'clock
Meeting point: Schauraum B c/o Blaser Architekten AG, Austrasse 24, CH-4051 Basel
Meeting point:
Kay Strasser
Kay Strasser

Kay Strasser

Dipl. Dipl.-Ing., Haiti team volunteer, Architecture for Humanity, Vienna

KAY STRASSER has worked with numerous international architecture firms (bauchplan, C+S Architects, studio etb) and organisations (Architecture for Humanity, AHDF, bee free) since graduating from the Ecole Centrale des Arts et Manufactures in Paris and the Politecnico di Milano in Italy. As an all-rounder, he is involved in selected projects of various types and scopes. The central theme on a scientific level is research into temporary architecture after natural disasters, between acute emergencies and long-term reconstruction.