Form­Follows­Finance Nr.3

Private ownership, refurbishment, cancellation? - Are we already so used to the urban housing market pattern or is there another way?

Bureau Giacometti presents a procedure for how a private property company can plan and carry out a refurbishment with the involvement of the tenants within the scope of its financial possibilities. In addition to participation formats, floor plan planning and rent structuring, it criticises existing structures, addresses uncertainties and the difficulty of embarking on an as yet unknown path with few role models. Rebecca Geyer conducts the interview together with Hansmartin Merz, the owner of Emil Merz AG (owner of the buildings).

Date: 19.10.2022/18-21 o'clock
Format: Presentation and discussion in Schauraum B
Moderation: HyperWerk Labs
Meeting point: Schauraum B c/o Blaser Architekten AG, Austrasse 24, CH-4051 Basel
Meeting point:
Rebecca Geyer
Rebecca Geyer

Rebecca Geyer

Rebecca Geyer studied geography at Humboldt University in Berlin and subsequently graduated from HyperWerk. As part of Valentina Merz's diploma project, she co-founded Bureau Giacometti and has been the liaison between owners and tenants ever since.