Form­Follows­Finance Nr.5

Architecture and the world of the property industry

Date: 07.12.2022/18-21 o'clock
Format: Lecture
Moderation: Schauraum B
Meeting point: Schauraum B c/o Blaser Architekten AG, Austrasse 24, CH-4051 Basel
Meeting point:
Stefan Meier
Stefan Meier

Stefan Meier

Dipl. Arch. ETH, MAS in Marketing, Wüest Partner AG, Zurich

Stefan Meier is a partner at Wüest Partner AG, holds a Master's degree in Marketing from UniBS and lectures at HSLU. He also represents Wüest Partner in the Group of Fifteen and specialises in real estate consulting and valuation, market analyses and utilisation concepts as well as market value estimates. Stefan Meier is also the author of various studies on the construction and property market.