ReCity Nr.4

Water, security for the future_ReWater

Date: 28.02.2013/18- o'clock
Meeting point: Schauraum B c/o Blaser Architekten AG, Austrasse 24, CH-4051 Basel
Meeting point:
Herbert Dreiseitl
Herbert Dreiseitl

Herbert Dreiseitl

Artist and landscape architect, Atelier Dreiseitl, Ueberlingen

Herbert Dreiseitl is self-taught - and thus became an artist, sculptor and landscape architect. With the founding of Atelier Dreiseitl in 1980, work with the element of water came to the centre of attention. Due to the increasing environmental problems, Dreiseitl created an ecological and urban planning component in the work spectrum of his studio alongside the artistic one. By interweaving scientific findings with practical activities, Dreiseitl constantly provides new impetus for dealing with rainwater in urban areas and passes this on in teaching assignments, committee work, lectures, interdisciplinary planning groups and numerous publications.