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Rethinking school

Date: 30.01.2014/18- o'clock
Meeting point: Schauraum B c/o Blaser Architekten AG, Austrasse 24, CH-4051 Basel
Meeting point:
Jürgen Dege-Rüger
Jürgen Dege-Rüger

Jürgen Dege-Rüger

Educator, IBA Hamburg / Elbe Islands Education Offensive

Jürgen Dege-Rüger has taught at various schools in Hamburg since 1975. For 15 years, he was head of the southern region of the Hamburger Volkshochschule and at the same time worked as an organisational consultant and supervisor. Since 2006, he has been part of the coordination centre for the Elbe Islands Education Initiative at the IBA, where he is responsible for coordinating the development of an 'educational landscape in the river'. He has been working as a freelance consultant and supervisor since March 2013.